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19 AUGUST 2016

The 12th running of Quit Targa West started with early disappointment for Jim and Barry in the Shannons Porsche Cayman GT4 with an overshoot on both 5 kilometre runs of the Malaga street stage costing one and a half minutes in lost time.

The first two stages were run at the Wanneroo circuit with the team posting good times but the next two were run at night at the Malaga industrial estate in heavy rain and it was virtually impossible to pick up the corners as there was very little in the way of delineation to judge where the corner was.

There were 29 right and left hand corners on the stage and it was clear that many of the very quick local teams had spent a lot of time going over the stage in the lead up to the event but equally there were a number of others who struggled to find pace and direction.

“We really struggled to pick up the turn in points for the corners and then to compound the problem we had to stop on the first run to allow a faster car to get through”. said the two time winner of the event.

The four day event was run over 34 special stages covering 240 competitive kilometres and for the Porsche team ,who were competing in the two wheel drive showroom class, it was a case of making up for lost time over the remaining 30 stages from their 26th position at the day two restart.

There were nine stages on day two with the highlight being three runs through the 15 kilometre Kalamunda stage (twice in one direction and once in the opposite direction) and the pressure was on the co-drivers as there were two 60km average speed sections where timing was critical.

It proved to be a good day for the Shannons team making up 12 positions to go into day three in 14th position.

From there it was always going to be tougher to improve ,on what was the longest day ,with 7 stages to be completed twice on some very fast roads where outright power was an advantage.
“Overall I was very pleased with our times as we were consistently in the top ten and there wasn’t a great deal of difference in the times” said Jim.

The final day consisted of three runs through a 10km stage at the Malaga industrial site and three runs through the 2km City of Perth street and car park stage which was extremely tight and required extra care.

“On the first run through the City of Perth stage we took a very conservative approach as it would have been easy to end our rally within site of the finish line but after the first “sighting run” we felt a bit more confident to have a go”. said Barry.

At the end of the event the team finished in 12th position only three seconds behind 11th and within striking distance of 10th so all things considered it was a good result.

But for the time lost on the Thursday night the team would have finished 10th but they still won the two wheel drive Showroom class and were the second two wheel drive car home.

“The car was terrific all weekend and the local Maximum Motorsport team who serviced us ,run by rally champions Rob and Dean Herridge, really had nothing to do for us apart from refuelling ,checking the wheel nuts and cleaning the windscreen” said Jim.

The team would like to thank Shannons, Adrenalin, Porsche, Leatherman Tools, Dunlop and Maximum Motorsport for their valued and ongoing support.

The next event for the team will be Targa High Country on November 4-6.

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